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Fitness Is Our Lifestyle


Empowering Women and Men to Live Healthier Lives

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Hello! My name is Aarin Walker the Founder/CEO,  welcome to Strive 2 Fitness! I am a Mobile personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness coach who is a strong believer in POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and tough support (much different from negative reinforcement!). I always operate out of mutual respect to empower the everyday person to push past their comfort zone and toward a strong and healthy lifestyle.

Since I started this company in 2018, I have helped people lose weight, gain self-confidence, and improve their perception of exercise and proper nutrition. Call our office in Saint Louis, Missouri today and take 25% off your first session. Referrals are also greatly appreciated!

Mission Statement

My goal is to create a challenging workout and/or program that is both FUN and REWARDING! Working out can easily get boring (let’s keep it real!) so I like to challenge clients by working in different and fun exercises each time while creating fun (and beneficial) rewards for clients as well.

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Do you need some help reaching your fitness goals? Do you need help getting focus on fitness? Do you need help getting your young or elderly family member moving?

If you need help with getting back serious into shape, Strive 2 Fitness can assist you! You and I both know you’re sick of wondering, “what if” and feeling frustrated by the reflecting staring back at you in the mirror.

It’s time to train smarter. It’s time to build strength and muscle. And it’s time to lose fat, once and for ALL! Enough talk; take the next step in your transformation today.

You can either continue the path you’re going and look in the mirror each morning wondering, “what if.” Or, you can call or email me right now and change your future.

Are You Ready to Look Great? THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT.

Why Choose Strive 2 Fitness?

In the communities where I work and live, Strive 2 Fitness Mobility trainer continuously offers all the time and resources needed to guide people in living healthier lives. Whether it is a free park or your home ,exercise session for the elderly or disabled, the sponsorship of a local charity event, or simply the extra effort you put forth, I steadfastly stand behind you.

What all this says about me is that, when it comes right down to it, I believe that as a mobile personal trainer who has the same values to keep you on a good track from the moment you sign up to one of my fitness program. I’m always inspired by my clients’ satisfaction and driven by their core values.

Competitive Advantage

Strive 2 Fitness carries a strong personal commitment to train excellence and creating platforms where ladies and gentlemen are valued and empowered. Strive 2 Fitness enjoys close relationships with its clients and is a visible presence. The strategic vision for Strive 2 Fitness focuses on constantly adding value to the clients who are trained. The mobile trainers are willing to train anyone in St. Louis and its surrounding counties.

At Strive 2 Fitness, your workout begins by attracting and retaining the best qualified and most highly skilled fitness

instructors to join my company.

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